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It is a chronic disease. It is a rare disease which affects people of all age, race and sex. Lymphomatoid papulosis is a stubborn persistent rash that usually occurs on the chest, stomach, back, arms and legs.

Around ten to twenty percent of the patients might have an associated lymphoma before. The bumps that are formed heal within two to three weeks but they reappear. The rashes formed continue for the rest of the life as up till now no cure has been discovered for this skin disorder.


The cause of lymphomatoid papulosis is not known. In some people lymphomatoid papulosis turns into lymphoma which is a form of cancer. This happens in about one out of ten people. Lymphomatoid papulosis often lasts for years. Patients need to see their doctor regularly to make sure their condition does not turn into cancer.

Genetic predisposition is the main cause, but other causative agents such as long-term exposure to industrial or environmental metals, organic solvents, chemical carcinogens, pesticides and herbicides are also under consideration from the medical researcher.


  • Appetite loss.
  • Fever and Anemia problem may also present.
  • Infections associated with low white count.
  • Itchy skin, red patches.
  • Swollen and painless lymph nodes.
  • Weight loss also occurs in this disease.
  • Drenching night sweats.
  • Pain: depending on the anatomic location that is secondary to pressure to bone or organs, or obstruction of bodily functions.


There is no cure for lymphomatoid papulosis. It often lasts for years, over which time patients need to regularly see their doctor to pick up any changes that may signal early lymphoma.

In the initial stage, a cyclic treatment method is done. In the next treatment method, a total skin electron beam (TSEB) radiation therapy is done. TSEB radiation therapy uses special high-energy rays of tiny electron particles to kill the cancer cells. The effects of this therapy will kill the existing tumors and allow the healing of the ulcerations. This therapy usually lasts only a few months. During this remission period, a second treatment method of topical chemotherapy (skin drugs) is introduced.

Skin biopsy needs to be conducted in order to diagnose this disease and in some cases it needs to be repeated on several occasions. It has been found out that this disorder generally appears between the ages of 26 and 34 although it can strike people of all ages.

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