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leucoderma is more commonly known as Vitiligo. Leucoderma is a disorder in which the body destroys its own pigment cells present in various parts of the skin. The pigment cell is also known as Melanocytes. The vitiligo sufferers are observed all over the world, including the white skin communities. Sometimes it follows burns and injuries. Some women develop it after- the use of stick-on . 'bindis' and after wearing plastic foot-wearthis loss of colour is due to some chemicals present in the plastics. It affects all races the world over but predominantly is seen in India and Mexico. In India, 3% of the total population has vitiligo. The tendency to develop vitiligo runs in families, however only about 25% of cases usually has more than one family member affected with this condition.


The main causes of leucoderma are said to be excessive mental worry, chronic or acute gastric disorders, impaired hepatic function such as jaundice, worms or other parasites in the alimentary canal, typhoid, a defective perspiratory mechanism, and burn injuries.


The problem usually starts with a small white spot and later on it develops into patches. These patches are pale in the beginning but become whiter and whiter as time passes due to loss of pigment. These patches are pale in the beginning but become whiter and whiter as time passes due to loss of pigment. As spots enlarge, they merge into each other and, in course of time, form a very broad patch. In some cases, most of the skin of the body may be covered with white patches. The most affected areas are the hands, the neck, the back and the wrist in that order. Leucoderma does not cause any health problems  it is not contagious or dangerous at all.


The patient should avoid tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages and all condiments and highly flavoured dishes. He or she should also avoid sugar, white flour products, denatured cereals like polished rice and pearled barley and tinned or bottled foods.

Goosefoot vegetable is considered valuable in treating white patches. Extract the juice of this vegetable and apply to the affected area. Also, consume this vegetable two times in a day, for about 2 months.

Combine 100 gms each of Alfalfa and cucumber juice. Have it in the morning and evening for few months. 

Mix Harad powder in garlic juice and apply it on the white spots.
Drink butter milk, thought to be very useful for treating leucoderma.

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