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Some information about common skin diseases

The modern world brings with it lots of convenience; in addition to lots of stress and anxiety. This stress makes it rather difficult for a person to maintain their health and appearance. This, along with the highly deteriorating environment leads to several skin disorders in people.

The most common skin disorders includes eczema that leads to skin irritation, itching and drying to such an extent that skin tends to crack and bleed. There are four types of eczema skin disease; atopic eczema that may lead to scratching of the skin and skin infection, allergic contact dermatitis that leads to skin irritation, infantile seborrhoeic eczema and irritant contact dermatitis which is distinguished by dry and irritant skin, especially on the hands.

There are different causes that lead to eczema which includes heredity, age and environment. Atopic eczema is basically a more of a hereditary transfer; so if you have elders suffering from the disease, you are more likely to suffer from the disease too. In the case of allergic contact dermatitis, the cause is usually linked to jewelry, cologne and other ornaments.

Irritant contact dermatitis is usually started with contact with chemicals that may harm the skin like poor quality detergents while infantile seborrhoeic eczema is usually found on the scalp of infants. These different forms of eczema have different cures; like infantile seborrhoeic eczema which is curable in a few months using creams and oils.

Moisturizers are used to avert the dryness of skin found in irritant contact dermatitis while to control allergic control dermatitis, you have to keep away from the elements that start the skin condition. However in the case of atopic eczema, you need to use steroids and emollients to cure it.

Vitiligo is another skin disease of skin pigmentation that leads to white spots on the body. Its cause is not actually known, but studies have proven that heredity and weak immune system are linked to it. Even the high concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the environment and the deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the new diet systems with more of junk food being eaten even cause vitiligo.

Vitiligo does not cause discomforts like headache and pain in the victim; but when it hits a person, it hits different areas of the body. It starts with a small patch, and tends to expand gradually throughout the body. However unlike eczema, this is not a contagious disease. It can be cured using pseudocatalase cream, skin grafting and pigment transplantation. Psoriasis is another skin disease prevalent in the United States.

Symptoms of psoriasis are lesions having white scales on them and weakening of the skin and joints. Heredity is attributed to the cause for psoriasis and only topical treatments are suggested as the disease is more or less incurable. There are also other skin diseases besides these three; however the basic rule to all skin diseases is to maintain healthy eating habits and hygiene, and to show some care to your skin.

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