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Freckles are small patches of melanin the accumulate in the skin, that grow and get darker as they are continually exposed to sunlight. Freckles are more common in people with fair skin, blue eyes, and especially in people with red hair. Freckles first appear in children at about age five, and increase in number, size and darkness during the summer, fading and decreasing in number in the winter.


Sun exposure is believed to be one of the common factors of developing freckles. Freckles will fade when sun exposure is reduced or eliminated. However, the exact wavelengths of sunlight that cause melanoma are unknown. Some believe that causes of freckles are genetic diseases, like xeroderma pigmentosum so you are likely to get it if one or both your parents have it.

Hormonal imbalance is already causing of freckles diseases too. In this case, the estrogen could over-stimulate pigment producing cells causing them to generate more color when exposed to sunlight.


Some of the Possible Symptoms of Freckles are as: -

  • There may be change in the skin color and shape.
  • Diarrhea which is another common symptom which is accompanied with freckles.
  • There may be crampy abdominal pain and/or weight loss.
  • The skin cancer may be a possible symptom of freckles.
  • Moles are often produced at the affected area of skin.
  • There may be blood or mucus in the stool.

Treatment to remove freckles

IPL Skin Treatments are a safe, effective and popular way to improve the signs of aging from the face, neck, chest, arms and hands. This in-office procedure is performed by a physician or trained medical staff member and typically requires four to six sessions of about 20 minutes each, performed at three-week intervals.

The most commonly used treatments are surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. Surgery requires removal of part of the skin. Radiation therapy involves the use of high-energy rays to kill cancer cells.
Other treatments for freckles include cosmetic cover-ups and bleaching creams, neither of which has garnered satisfactory results. Bleaching agents attempt to fade the freckles to a color approximating that of the surrounding skin.

Your physician can administer a peel using a variety of different chemicals to remove age spots, freckles, discoloration, wrinkles and fine lines. Chemical peels may smooth and firm the skin and may lighten freckles gradually. The superficial peels, such as a glycolic acid peel can be done during your lunch hour, and there is no recovery time.

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