Copper Peptides Prevent Stretch Marks

Copper Peptides Prevent Stretch Marks

During pregnancy or after the birth of child, majority of women develop stretch marks. Mostly they are told to live with those stretch marks as there is no way to remove these marks. But many of them use chemical based creams meant for stretch marks that may condition their skin.

The ingredients in most of the products are just to soften the skin. They are not meant for removing the root of the cause. Before looking for options for removing stretch marks, we should first understand the meaning of the term stretch marks.


Pregnancy can be one of the contributing factors for stretch marks, but debilitated skin structure is the prime factor responsible for development of the stretch marks. Our skin not meant to support the added resistance under perturbed conditions. Our skin has a natural tendency to replace the injured elastin and collagen elements with their healthier versions.

Certain naturally occurring ingredients like copper peptides increase the strength of our skin and its composition. Various studies had shown that for the formation of a strong and flexible skin copper is a very essential component. By improving skin matrix strength the formation of wrinkles and scars could be avoided.

From long ago research by is being done to see how effective copper peptides to remove stretch marks are. These researches do not give any significant result for using copper peptides to remove stretch marks.

A group of Chilean farmers were sent to remove snail from he grape vine. The farmers noticed that the injuries of their skin got healed and no scars were left behind. Though from further studies we got to know that copper peptide was packed in the substance which was secreted by the snails.

Natural ingredients for the treatment of stretch marks

Soon various skin care products manufacturer started using copper peptide that was produced by snail’s as the prime ingredient of their product for applying on human skin. Earlier people were producing copper peptide synthetically before the discovery of Chilean farmers. This drove the interest of scientists to develop more effective formulas. Rather the serum which we get from the snails is a very complex component which contains various enzymes, antioxidants, peptides that are biologically good with living cells.

Earlier it was considered that it is not possible to treat stretch marks. But it was only due to the fact that there was no proper treatment for stretch marks. It has always been observed that the products produced by the nature are more effective than the man made products.

Stretch marks are rather an emotional pain for many people. So people try more and more to find a solution for stretch marks. Even some people look for laser treatments and other surgery options in order to remove stretch marks.

But in the last a natural organism helped to remove the emotional pain of another natural organism. The copper peptide present in the snail’s serum initiated further studies regarding stretch marks removal. Does not it sound interesting!

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